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YUN CHUN HO international Ltd. Co is an international trading company, which is a trading agency to search for appropriate goods for local and overseas companies to purchase and sell, as well as provide excellent and professional service, which include product marketing strategies, channel planning and searching for buyer or agencies. Our products are mainly environmental goods which will tally with future global trend. At this stage, the major product is environmental water-based wood coating, and brands our own product name of “EPnS” to sell to the wooden furnitureexported countries such as Indonesia, Mainland China and Vietnam . We also found the local manufacturersand agencies in those countries to process raw materials resin into finished products and directly sell to local wooden furniture factories in order to reduce the cost for both our agencies and customers.

EPnS Water-Based Wood Coating is the best quality coating in the market, and its characteristics of hardness, smoothness, wear-resisting, weatherproof, heat-resisting, and brightness have been got beyond all the water-based wood coating at the moment. Its price is also the lowest compared to all other water-based wood coating in the market ,because we would like to promote this environmental product at the most valuable price in order to commit ourselves into environmental protection for our earth.
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