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HV/HC Vertical Machining Center

HV/HC Vertical Machining Center

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.The machine structure is constructed from high quality cast iron and stress released to ensure great rigidity and prolonged precision.
2.By using box type slideways to advance machining stability and anti-Vibration,All slideways are hardened and polished,sliding interface coated with TURCITEB and with precise hand- scraping,reduce sliding friction and steady movement.
3.All axis with highly precise C3 grade ball-screws and dual pre-tensioned nut and pre-tension mechanism to ensure positioning accuracy and reliable repetitive precision.
4.3-Axis ball-screw with P4 grade tilting-angle ball-bearing, featuring the best rigid strength.
5.Lubricating with even slideway lubriated points and the volume-type distributors to prevent sliding surfaces lubricating unevenly.
6. Analyzed and designed with advanced Finite Element Modeing(FEM),ensure the superior structure rigidity, and good availability of high speed
processing and low center of gravity.

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