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Side Channel Blowers - Ring Blowers
Side Channel Blowers - Ring Blowers


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Futural: Ring Blowers are designed with practical regenerative theory.
Require no maintenance! No oily odor! Eternity life!

Grain elevators.
Textile fiber collections
Paper industry
Sewage treatments
Cement manufacturing
Diesel burning
Pulp industry
Class manufacturing
Ice manufacturing
Tunnel ventilation
Fishery industry

Low noise and vibration
Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration.
Dust-proofed shaft seal
Protects bearing from contaminated air stream and possible foreign particle damage.
High reliability
Directly connected motor shaft-impeller provides reliable, long term performance. No gears, belts, motor brushes or sliding blades to require periodic maintenance.
Space-efficient design
Unique design results in substantial airflows at moderate pressures in minimum space and weight.
Easily throttled and changed from pressure to suction operation. May be mounted in a variety of fashiond.
Stable airflow
Centrifugal compressor design delivers smooth, stable airflow with no pulsations.
High-pressure airflow
Produces continuous high-pressure airflow. The Ring Blower is ideally suited to many industrial applications.
A policy of continuous improvement is followed, and the right to alter any published data without notice is reserved.
He maximent permissible temperature and the gas temperature at the inlet is 40°C.
Certificate: CE mark

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