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Chuan Fan is a professional producer in manufacturing Regenerative Blowers (side channel blowers). Turbo Blowers and Multistage Blowers. We also produce Dust Collector for industrial used which was equipped which Chuan Fan blower.
Chuan Fan produced blowers based on 28 years experience in blower's applications. Total 45 person's smart processing on 11,550 square meter factory, capacity up to 36,000 units per year. Steady quality and reasonable price were naturally resulted by mass-productions.

Chuan Fan blowers output range is from 0.18kw to 15kw, 1/4hp to 20 hp. Multi-series blowers were applied in all kinds of industry, such as plastic machinery blowing, extruding, laminating, coating, weaving, printing, cutting, loading, welding, drying, conveying, heating...etc. Also were useful in agriculture machinery, environment control machinery, and fish breeding etc.

Customer's-Satisfaction either in quality and/or price is for our Managing-Targets, Fast-Delivery & smooth-Quality is for our Managing-Policy during our whole manufacturing & management.


Blowers and Fans, Air Blowers, Pressure Fans, Dust Collectors Multi-Stage Turbo Blowers, MS Model Cooling Fans, Ring Blowers, CX Model Turbo Blowers, TB Model Turbo Blowers


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