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Auxiliary Accessory
Auxiliary Accessory

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

●Guide Rod / Material: High-quality special steel products, after heat treatment excessively precise attrition system.

●Broach Rod / To pull the cutter bar: The material quality after grinds precisely with the special steel after the heat treatment, high rigidity and wearability.

●Feed Rod / Feeding Rod: With the special steel after the heat treatment after the precise development, makes.Feed drift angle coordination computer, feed quantity fine.

●Universal Jig / Exudes with the jig: #3~#5 available Yu Neikong changes the size, does widely clamps the tooth localization.

●Broach Sheet / To pull the bit: The #2~#5 bit department in uses the special high-carbon steel to weld on the tool apron, after precise attrition size.

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