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Bakelite & Melamine Injection Molding Machine

Bakelite & Melamine Injection Molding Machine

LCH-H80 toLCH-H500 ; LCH-V100 to LCH-V850

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

There are two types of injection features: the thermoplastic type and thermosetting plastic type. Thermoplastic type material can be recycled and reusable, while the runner or material waste for thermosetting plastic type cannot. Usually, the material is thermoplastic type if the product material is plastic; the material is thermosetting type if the product is Bakelite and melamine.
The difference between Bakelite machine and normal injection machine is that normal injection machine uses heater band method to heat, while the Bakelite (thermosetting) injection machine uses mold temperature controller to heat. That is, the thermosetting injection machine first heats the material up to reach 60 to 90°C inside barrel so the material flows. Then, it injects the material to the mold, which the mold needs to be heated up to reach 160 to 190°C in order to melt the material and form. Therefore, the thermosetting injection machine uses mold temperature controller to heat. In few cases, it uses heater band to heat the mold that causes extremely high temperature on the mold, a clamping unit must be equipped with the insulating plate to prevent harm from the mold base to operators.

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