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Massage Chair
Massage Chair

Model:JB - S002

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

It is micro controlLed massage sofa, it can help relieve pains in back because of long time work. the different massage models can help improve the blood circulation and lead a sound sleep.the different human organs are all have a good massage, such as buttocks, thigh, calf and feet. we use 26 air bags to improve the massage function.when the backrest reclined, the footrest up, it is a good massage bed.
1. four humanized, quiet designed rollers in the back drive up and down, make the kneading, finger pressing. knocking functions both indival and together.
2.4 air bags in the seat, 12 air bags in the calf and 10 in feet, you can enjoy a good massage in your lower body.
3.both backrest and footrest are auto reclinded by control plate.
4.the massage strenth and width are both adjustable.
5.warranty period : one year
packing : 115x80x76cm
42pcs / 20GP

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