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Massage Chair
Massage Chair

Model:JB - S003 - C

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Features : 1) Designed with a four-wheel driven muted massage mechanism which can move up and down in the backrest 2) Designed with four emulational massage functions of kneading, flapping, vibration and tapping 3) Designed with three levels of speed 4) Designed with three automatic massage choices for neck and shoulder, the whole upper body, back and waist 5) Turn off the back stretch function, the massage hands can be moved up and down to massage any position of the vertebra 6) Designed with vibration function for the buttocks with three levels of speed 7) Designed with tapping massage function for thigh with seven automatically changed modes and three levels of speed 8) Designed with kneading massage function for calf rest with three levels of speed from slow to fast 9) The calf rest can be power-lifted and reclined together with backrest 10) Restore the massage hands after turning off the machine 11) The number of coins and working time can be adjusted, the working state can be digitally displayed
90pcs / 40HQ

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