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High Speed H Type Steel Drilling Machine
High Speed H Type Steel Drilling Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

‧Slow Start System: The slow start mechanism is designed to cope with cutting hard oxidized surfaces of rolled steel materials.
‧Powerful Drilling: Low start device design, and most suitably used for cutting of high hardness steel. Mating to Japanese electric drilling motor, the drilling capacity is extremely powerful.
‧Cartridge Type Oil Tank System: Use of stainless steel oil cup with big capacity, never be broken off, single point oil tank convenient design for replacement, and even oiling in the middle way, the drilling operation is still unable to be stopped.
‧Solidly Designed For Out-Standing Durability: Designed with the greatest possible consideration for lastig quality, it is provuded with a switch knob protector, an oil dropper inside the electric drill, and the feed motor is fully enclosed within the body of the machine.
‧According to customer demand manufacture.
‧Special machines for riveted products are available for ordering.

‧Power source (Sinde phase): AC110V/120V 50/60HZ, AC220V/240V 50/60HZ
‧Rated Output: 670W
‧Rated Ampaer: 6.4A, 3.2A
‧No-load Speed: 700r.p.m
Hole size:
‧Diameter: 14mm Thru 35mm
‧Max. Depth: 30mm (50mm)
‧Magnet Dimensions: 174x94x56mm
‧Magnet Holding Power: 800kg
‧Weight: 16kg

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