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GPS Safety Alarm
GPS Safety Alarm Hot

Model:ABDIAS GPS-1899 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* The latest A/I program provides massive data on traffic, such as speeding violations, schools, red lights, ramps, tollbooths, etc.
* SiRf III heavy-duty chip sets effectively receive signals from 20 satellites simultaneously without blind spots or barrier of UV-proof film
* Intelligent DSD (Direct Stream Digital) system
* Large display clearly provides instant data including speed, makes and position
* Automatic adjustment of voice warning interval according to driving speed
* Instant, automatic speed reference and warning for deceleration when approaching alarm region
* Directly connectable to PC, Notebook and PDA for GPS assistance
* Auto data-update check and voice notice. Log-on for easy, one-click update

GPS Safety Alarm
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