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Founded in 1993 as a specialized designer, developer and maker of automotive radar and laser detectors, MicroRadar improves technology, product functionality by continually partnering with research institutes and major counterparts worldwide. We focus on quality, product reliability and aim to be always a step ahead in the market, as well as being professional and accountable.

We began to engage in laser-optoelectronics R&D in 2000 when laser gun radars were first used by police in Taiwan to catch speeders, and have successfully developed a laser diffuser to effectively counter such laser radars, offering drivers omni-directional protection. While offering the products under the LaserAEGIS™ brand, we continue to introduce new products, all of which are fully effective against laser gun radars.

Always aiming to offer the best, cutting-edge and most effective radar-protection products, we have also set up an R&D center to upgrade technology and higher added-value.


Laser Diffuser, Laser Jammer, Laser Defense, Laser Protector, Laser Detector, Radar Detector, Radar Jammer, Laser Pro Park, GPS Safe Alarm, GPS Radar, AntiLaser, LaserAEGIS, CY-988, CY988, Seat Cushions


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