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CNC Turning and Milling Center MT-Series
CNC Turning and Milling Center MT-Series

Model:MT-3000/4000/5000/6000 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

MT-4000 is a CNC Turning and Milling Center that performs different tasks simultaneously. With MT-4000, you don't need to load and unload materials between two machines anymore. MT-4000 turns and mills your works with high rigidity and high accuracy. We have patent registered in Taiwan, China, Japan and Germany. (USA and many other countries' patents are pending)

· Rigid machine structure.
· Multitasking: turning and milling on the same machine
· Maximum turning/milling length: 3000mm to 6000mm
· Maximum milling dia. 420mm
· Standardized 12 tools for turning tasks; up to (additionally more than) 24 optional tools for milling tasks available.
· A spacious working surface with three 22mm T slots for sole milling works without the need to hold the bar with chuck and tailstock.

For detailed specification please visit: http://www.cncservice.com.tw/E/index.php?main=pro&mod=pro_body&fk=2016120903&sk=2016120902&pro_id=201611250007

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