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12-Color Full Rotary Letterpress
12-Color Full Rotary Letterpress


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High-End LABEL Printing Equipment

LABELMEN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of label printing presses. We provide many unique and special equipments, such as the model PW-260-R12+1 full rotary letterpress which can print 12 colors + 1 by means of dual central impression drums type design. Extremely good design stability and accuracy, unlike the usual small stack type drums.
This series of printing press has been designed to provide printers with an affordable way to get into the international label market, where versatility, precise and superior print quality labels are absolutely essential. It is particularly well suited for High value-added products. Like all LABELMEN presses it comes with a full two-years parts and technology warranty and free technical advice and assistance concerning complex production issues.

Features :

Two unwinders can work at the same time.
The design of this machine have been tested through in the actual production environment, The PW-260-R12+1 printing press provides you with new technology ease of operation to meet your current and future market needs.
Low cost in maintenance.
Rapid registration adjustment for 12 colors + varnishing Set-up approx. one hour. Automatic wash-up equipment for color changes.
Computerized needle point registration system used for registering, print to print, print to flat-bed die-cutting and print to rotary die-cutting. Thus keeping the registration flow regardless of what type of substrate you are printing.
Varnish station with constant flow fed by pneumatic pump which never blocks.

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