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It was in 1965 when Mr.Chin-Shiung Lo founded Labelmen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
To Produce the first automatic 2-color desktop press :PW-80.
In order to improve th quality of label press,
Mr.Lo has been working for the speclization of technology through research and development and expanded the operation team over the last thirty years.
Nowdays,Labelmen has become a trademark of professional label press worldwide and even the leading brand of the product range.
To make a step forward toward globalization and to develop a solid foundation for future development,
Labelmen has place a huge amount of capital to build a fully automatic and ideal production base in Linko Industrial Park( Kung 4) in Gueishan to
continue its mission to develop state-of-art printing machinery and bring more benefit to customer.


商标机, 轮转机, 平压印刷机, 网板机, 膜切机, 平板式印刷机

公司名称: 罗铁机械股份有限公司