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Degaussing Coil

Degaussing Coil

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Description :
Mainly used in CRT、Monitor and other products.
* Features :
Based on the Magnetic Induction theory, Degaussing coil uses the intersecting electric currents to create an intersecting magnetic field in the geometric center of the coil. The intersecting magnetic field will demagnetize the negative pole of CRT in the geometric centre in order to achieve color clarity.
* Specification :
1.Production Range: Inner perimeter 300mm-4000mm。
2.Production Type:Use of enamelled copper wire or enamelled aluminium wire by customer's request.
3.The external dimension and connector's model of degaussing coil can be custom-made.
4.Products can be entirely custom-made.
* Safety/Quality Approvals :
Our products are certified by UL, VDE and IEC.


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