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The predecessor of Chien Bian Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) was Tainan Chien Bian International Co. Ltd. founded by Japanese, Chino Wukio San, in October 1986. In May 1990, the company was re-organized to Chien Bian (CB) Co. Ltd.

Chien Bian Co. Ltd. is an enterprise that is capable of researching, manufacturing and marketing. Subsidiary companies of Chien Bian Enterprise include Xiamen Zhicheng, Shijie Zhicheng, Qingdao Chien Bian, Singapore Chien Bian Office, Magnesium Factory, Jianan Travel Agency and etc.

Major business areas of Chien Bian include the fabrication of I/O cable, Magnesium, FFC, Degaussing Coil, Wire Harness, Copper Wire, and Aluminum Wire as well as Daub Spray-paint. Products of Chien Bian are used extensively in television, monitor, audio, high-frequency power switches and other electronic equipments. The company has a complete set of equipments for producing and advanced instruments for testing. With strict quality control in the process of production, we assure that the products are of high quality. The company carries out the strict quality management and the well-established quality guarantee system. All of our products have been certified by ISO-9001-2000 and ISO-14001、VDE、UL、CSA、IECQ and other internationally recognized standards. Most of our products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.


I/O Cable, Magnesium, FFC, Degaussing Coil, Wire Harness, Copper Wire


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