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USA Type Hose Clamp (9 mm)
USA Type Hose Clamp (9 mm)

Model:SY-168 (9 mm) Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

SY-168 American type perforation hose clamp
. Feature: SY-168 model is a kind of American hose clamp developed by ourselves. The main feature of it is that it is rather competitive in price. It can meet customers’ need regarding cost. Further, it offers different band width with different costs.

. It make 4 very accurate & quick hook up points around the portion between B band and shell. Therefore, it gets to maintain the very high good quality rate of the products and got the output capacity for a great volume. This has lowered the cost a lot and still maintains certain level of quality.

. Specifications:
SY-168 model can be decided into 4 different band widths (6 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm,12.7 mm) and 8 mm and 12.7 mm two band widths, which provides shells in different lengths. 8 mm band width can be divided into 10mm length shell and 13mm length shell.
12.7 mm band width can be divided into 15 mm length shell and 17 mm length shell.

USA Type Hose Clamp (9 mm)
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