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Noodles Stain Testing Sorting Machine
Noodles Stain Testing Sorting Machine

Model:CCP-PB102 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.Inspects the stains 2mmX2mm on the instant noodles.

2.It can display the NG and the normal images immediately.

3.It displays NG times on one day at the PLC.

4.Can choose the product's characteristic that will able to set up the maximum of 1000.

【Stain Inspection】
1.Inspects the stains using the contrast between darkest and whitest produce the gray-scale of each for four area, doesn't judage by the binary area.

2.Use the imaging special efficacy " revised dark and light color immedlately", can't affect by light and noodles' color.

3.It can track the stain's position, that inspects quantity the maximum of 99 at once.

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