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Chen-Ja Automatic Co., Ltd. has been established since 1987, who specialized in manufacturing professional scale/ measurement system. Our early products included : weighing indicator, multi-functional weighing controller, electronic counting scale, weighing scale, electronic balance, truck weighbridge, electronic crane balance, etc.
In 1995, whereas the scale/measurement could be applied into production line, we founded the automatic machine department to be a professional automatic company that provided integral systematic integration proposals. We expected that we could provide the integral solutions to domestic automatic system engineerings to fit customer’s requirements that boosted the efficiency and capacity of an enterprise. Our products included: weighing calibration system, auto blending system, and constant weighing system.
In 2001, the global trend mainly focused on the combination of on-line production system and management system. We thereby founded a computer division in order to raise the integration of automation and network.
@ Applied software on specialized integration of process and computer connection
@ Integration of computer network and assembly line of factories
@ Measurement line series, and vehicle inspection integration
@ Spectrometer,developer, fluorescent image automation
Chen-Ja Automatic Co., Ltd. always provides our customers the products with the best quality and service with specialized technics. We look forward to reaching the target and belief of sustainable management by faithful as well as stable operation.
Future Visions:
Chen-Ja Automatic Co., Ltd aims at being an international system integration as well as a problem-solving expert. We will endeavor to accumulate experiences about applied technics from all walks of life, developing module standard applied software, and lead others in not only system integration but also scale and automation fields with superior technical experiences. Besides, we also import high performance, high efficiency, and high quality systematic integrated products form overseas, combining foreign developing skills and increasing domestic automation level as well as business competition. Finally, we expect ourselves to become an excellent automatic product supplier in Taiwan.


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Address: No. 147, Guosheng St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan 710
Telephone: 886-6-253-6210, 254-0266
Fax: 886-6-254-1281
URL: www.chen-ja.com.tw

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