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Aluminum Bar Clamp & Spreader
Aluminum Bar Clamp & Spreader

Model:TC-FA Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Aluminum alloy

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Die casting aluminum alloy body with steel forged parts specifically to withstand enormous clamp pressure. Clamping force up to 770lbs / 350kgs
2. Designed for Industrial and professional uses. Ideal for fastening, spreading, gluing, sawing, drilling, welding, etc.
3. Buffered jaw head with automatic bounce-back action when tightened
4. Aluminum and plastics used in this clamp are all EU approved materials – RoHS, SGS Taiwan
5. Quick release trigger on the handle offers use with ease
6. Patent in U.S.A, Germany, Taiwan, and China
7. Capacity: Clamping / Spreading
■ 6”: 150mm / 170-365mm
■ 12”: 300mm / 170-515mm
■ 18”: 450mm / 170-665mm
■ 24”: 600mm / 170-815mm

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