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Aluminum Rail Clamp & Spreader
Aluminum Rail Clamp & Spreader

Model:TC-HDA Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Aluminum Alloy Color:Peding on Customer's choice

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. The only rail clamp in the market that has spreader function
2. Screw stop on the main body and tail stop with spring stop mechanism
3. Clamping force up to 770lbs / 350kgs. Designed for extended durability and long lasting wear. Ideal for industrial and professional users
4. 1 5/16x 13/16” extruding anodized aluminum U-shaped rail bar with notch at every inch
5. Cold drawn steel acme threads with steel sliding pin handle
6. Die casting aluminum alloy body, finished with powder coating, TPR grip pads. EU approved materials – RoHS, SGS Taiwan
7. Capacity: Clamping / Spreading
■ 24”: 600mm / 165-730mm
■ 48”: 1200mm / 170-1330mm
■ 72”: 1800mm / 170-1930mm

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