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Automatic Sliding Equipment-Belt type

Automatic Sliding Equipment-Belt type

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

This equipment composed of runout table, conveyor, cooling table, inserting and lifting facilities, stretcher, stacker, product saw and saw gauge table.
1. Electric heat-proof rollers of runout table operate in coordination with extrusion 1. 1. speed. The speed of rollers is controlled by motor with a frequency controller.
2. Heat-proof cover of the roller on the cooling table can stand high temperature and 1. protect the profiles.
3. Inserting facilities is driven by electric eccentric wheel for going up and down, and 1. transfer profiles to the cooling table by belt.
4. Stretcher is made of steel can be used on various aluminum formed parts 1. 1. 1. 1. effectively.
5. Surface of stacker is covered by heat-proof, going up and down by electric 1. 1. 1. eccentric wheel, moves profiles to product saw.
6. The tool-feed speed of product saw, controlled by oil system, can be adjusted 1 1. freely. Product saw operate in coordination with conveyor, saw gauge table, and 1. heat-treatment cart. This equipment is full function.


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