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Economic Department offirmed that Our company is excellont in Taiwan;
President Chen praised us for best company in 2001.
Founded in 1980, our firm devotes itself to providing the aluminum industry with products of excellent quality backed up by complete after-sales service.
Facilitated with the most advanced production, we started to product 350-3000
US TON Aluminum & Copper extrusion Press: with setting-dimension, Auto handling
system Heat-prof Cover type, auto puller: cutting dimension is adjustable,
Aluminum Bar Sawing Bench: cutting aluminum bar for &3-&10, Furnances, and
peripheral whole-plant equipment.
Due to the effort made by our outstanding staff over the past years, our products arre highly recommended by customers throughout the whole world for their excellent quality and practicality. We would like to thank all of our customers, and sincerely hope that you can continuously give us full support and recommend our products to your partners in this field.
To well serve and help the aluminum industury to carry out fully automatic operation is our main business. We hope each of our customers will benefit from our products.
We wish you every success Sincerely.
Hunag, Chuang-Li
Yuen-Sun Machinery Co., Ltd


Aluminum or Brass Extruding Machine, Automatic Hauling Machine, Aluminum Tablet Sawing Table


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