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With the evolution of society, fast economic development, high standard of living and increasing attention to environmental protection, we as a enterpriser, must place people and our responsibilities to society at the center of our consideration when entering the international stage and pursuing economic growth. By serving society, managing with heart, and treating everyone in a sincere manner, thus we can develop entirely.

A veteran in Pulp and Paper Making industry for over 30 years, New Bonafied Co., Ltd. has not only been a supplier of Paper Making Machine and other equipments to more than 40 domestic and foreign customers, but has also participated in paper machine installing engineering for many years. Quality, which we are ardently committed to, dominates our operations throughout every stage from planning, designing, manufacturing, installation to test runs. Each stage undergoes strict quality control measures. Therefore, not only our products have always been highly praised by customers, but also many professionals are cultivated.


Stock Preparation Equipments, Paper Making Machine, High Speed Rewinder, High Precision Sheet Cutter, Auto Waste Paper Bale Press, Machinery And Equipment For The Pulp Plant, Machinery And Equipment For The Paper Plant, Cylinder Vat Type Paper Machines, Subcontract Service


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