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We're much obiged to our buyers and people of the same field for their support and patronage in past 29 years, enabling us to expand in stability and to progress in growth. With stable growth in the past years, TA-CHEN not only has overtaken many technical obstacles to continuously develop now products but also leads the Research & Development into an new conceptionand idea to reciprocate those who purchase our machines.
At this stage, TA-CHEN has successfully developed a wide range of products, such as: Conventional Milling Machines, Bed Type Boring-Milling Machines and CNC Machining Centers With customers' continuous support, TA-CHEN has been in a position to expand smoothly during the time of capricious international trading from the very beginning of and enterprise with 3 workers to nowadays of TA-CHEN Technology co., Ltd. which has over 100 employees, and also now is cooperated with more than 300 satellite factories. In 1992, we set up a branch in Shanghai, China, to further strengthen the market sqare and competition. It was time. In the past 30 years, the domestic economy was booming when we've been indicated to with the assistance and factory automation system is widely applied to provide us an opportunity to make progress. Further shoulder to advance and upgrade machinery technology so as to move Taiwan's machinery industry forward to aspect that is fruitful and prosperous.


Machining Center (Vertical & Horizontal Spindles), CNC Vertical Lathe, Machining Center (Vertical Spindles), Bed Type Milling Machine, Universal Milling Machine


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