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Founded in 1972, Merida Industry Co. , Ltd. has developed into one of the world's most famous makers of high-end bicycles. The firm's own "MERIDA" brand bikes are widely popular among consumers in about 70 countries and are the first choice of world champions and Olympic medal winners. The average selling price (ASP) of Merida's bikes is the highest in Taiwan's bicycle industry. With continuous technical and business development over more than 25 years, Merida today occupies a leader-of-the-pack position in the international high-end bicycle market.

In mid-2013 the company adopted a brand-new corporate identity system (CIS) with a bright-green logo representing the concepts of environment protection and aggressiveness, and a mountain-shaped symbol above the word Merida implying nature and lofty heights.

Merida celebrated its 25th anniversary last year amidst a flourishing of pride at having lived up to the expectations of its founder and chairman, Ike Tseng. By combining the resources of an experienced German R&D center with Taiwan's outstanding production competence, the company is able to satisfy demanding bikers with everything imaginable – models for children, electric bikes, and high-end racing machines, to cite just a few types. The firm says it is especially proud of the fact that it lives up to its athletic ambition every year by equipping elite bikers like the MTB riders of the Multivan Merida Biking Team and the professional road racers of Team Lampre-Merida with top-level “working tools” that regularly contribute to the earning of the highest athletic honors.

After a quarter of a century, Merida today stands for bicycles “Designed and Engineered in Germany, Made in Taiwan“ – and thus for the close interlocking of world-class technological know-how, premium manufacturing competence, and the dedication of countless staff members all over the planet. (QL)


All Terrain Bicycle, BMX (Motocrosses), Electric Bicycle, Mountain Bicycle, Other Bicycles


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