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Liberty Stationery Corp. started business in Taiwan as a trading company when Li Hwa Trading Company was founded in 1948. Years later, Pai Tai Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 as the production division and started manufacturing and marketing “Liberty” brand and OEM products worldwide. The line of products evolved from stencil paper, carbon paper, and stamp pads to watercolors, poster colors, crayons, oil pastels, ball pens, sign pens, permanent markers, board markers, watercolor pens, gel-ink pens, erasers, staples, non-carbon paper and other paper products, pencils, color pencils and charcoal pencils, etc. Li Hwa and Pai Tai, along with other business subsidiaries, merged and became Liberty Stationery Corp. in 2003. The company is headquartered in Taipei with factories in the outskirts of the city and neighboring counties and has about 250 full-time employees.

With more than 50 years of professional development and production capabilities, Liberty Stationery Corp. has been awarded with internationally approved quality and environmental certificates, and gained the trust and satisfaction from its customers.

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Evolved From Stencil Paper, Carbon Paper, Stamp Pads to Watercolors, Poster Colors, Crayons, Oil Pastels, Ball Pens, Sign Pens, Permanent Markers, Board Markers, Watercolor Pens, Gel-Ink Pens, Erasers, Staples, Non-carbon Paper, Other Paper Products, Pencils, Color Pencils, Charcoal Pencils


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