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The profile and pipe processing introduction for extruding machinery will show how extruded products meet the needs of the market as well as the special characteristics of the plastics that are used and the efficient assembling uses in the production process. Materials that can be used for extrusion include PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, ABS, PS, PC and PMMA.
Products manufactured with these machines include construction materials, toys and stationery, furniture and furnishings, medical supplies, lighting decoration and electrical accessories, pipe, cosmetic tube, precision tube, steel pipe coating system, transparent tube, flexible PVC tube and reinforced hose.
Since its funding EVERPLAST Machinery’s production line has turn out more than 500 extrusion systems over the years. The suitability of these products and their competitiveness on the market are directly related to the characteristic of the plastic materials involved and the processes and machine fittings used to make the extrusion products.


Plastic Extruders, Screws for Plastic Processing Machinery, Plastic Processing Molds, Co-extrusion Machines, PVC Profile Extrusion Machines, Soft & Rigid Plastic Pipe Making Machines, Soft & Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Machines, PVC Venetian Blind Extrusion Machines, Extrusion Dies, Extruder Down Stream Equipment for Profile/Pipe, Profile/ Pipe/ Net Extrusion Line, PVC Door / Window Turnkey Project M/C Line, PVC Door/Window Profile Extrusion Machine Line, PVC Window Profile Extrusion, PVC Door Extrusion Machine Line, WPC Profile Turnkey Project, WPC Extrusion Machine Line, Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Line, PVC Rigid / PVC Foam M/C Line, Profile Extrusion Line, All Kinds Profile / Pipe Extrusion Line, PS Foam Picture Frame Turnkey Project, All Kinds of Extrusion Die (Tooling's), PVC Edge Band Turnkey Project, Edge Bang Extrusion Machine Line, PVC Reinforced Hose Extrusion Machine Line, Fruit Net Making Machine, Different Kind Net (Stretched) Making Machine, Plastic Net Extrusion Machine, Net Making Machine, Co-Extruder, PVC Compounding System, PVC/PP/PE Compounding System/ Recycling System, PVC / PP / PE Pipe Extrusion Machine Line, PS Picture Frame Extrusion Machine Line, Water Cooling Tank, Haul Off Unit, Fly Cutter, Machine for WPC Products, Machine for Door / Window / Other Die-casting Dies, Machine for PE / PP / PVC Pipe, Machine for Stretched Net, Machine for Fruit Net, Compounding Materials


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