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Chyau Long has been established in the middle of Taiwan since 1977,Plastic industry in Taiwan has grown rapidly since then. We designed and developed high quality and efficiency high-speed mixer. After strict test, We made our first machine which was especially used to mix PVC plastic raw materials. Now we have developed machines which are suitable for various raw materials ,like chemical materials. Cosmetic, food, glass fiber and Ferrite etc. We have sold 1500 sets of our machines to the countries all ove the world . This can attest that we are one of the most important leading companies in this field. In order to meet various users needs, we design granule-kneadng machines, pulveriser, granulating machines, automatic metering equipment etc. We can increase the profit for our customers by means of technology and meet customers needs. It’s our pleasure to make a Free test for the machines before seling, and we hope that we can make the best service for you.


Mixer, Cooling Blander, Robber Processing Machine, Plastics Extruder, Plastics Crasher, Industrial Machinery


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