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1. We are the first manufacturer of instruments in Taiwan to have a Vision Precision Tools & Measuring Microscope. After numerous modifications on our Vision Precision Tools & Measuring Microscope has been developed the fifth generation.
2. The company was established in Shihlin in October 1995 for its effort of developing the Vision Precision Tools & Measuring Microscope.
3. In November 1995, we became the first manufacturer of instrumennts in Taiwan that has the Visioin Precision & Measuring Microscope.
4. In December 2001, we imported the Japanese patented high precision auxiliary focusing system from Japan, and developed the elevation measuring microscope to match with this system, and satisfy the requirement from clients on elevation measurement.
5. In January 2002, we developed the first microscope in Taiwan with both the platform and main shaft made with granite.
6. .In October 2002, we moved to the Global View Building in Sanchung due to company expansion for better service to clients.
7. In 2004 , user-friendly measuring software with complete function and simple operation has been developed.
8. In March 2005, we was introduced at the World Trade Exhibition Center – the X-Y stage made with granite.


Optical Microimage Measurers, Granite Surface Plates, Coordinate Measuring Sytems, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Height Gages, Other Dimension Inspecting and Measuring Instruments


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