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Since establishment in 1962, Antung Trading Corporation has switched the focus of our business from buying and selling heavy-duty machinery parts to international import and export business. Headquartered in Taiwan, our company has expanded our business worldwide. Antung has started auto parts business since 1971. After all these year, we succeeded in expanding our supplier chain and offering categories of products to meet the needs of each customer. Our experience and positive service attitude have earned the excellent reputation among our customers and suppliers. Now our customers cover Europe, Middle East, Central and South America. We are diversifying our range in industrial products and devoting to specializing in a more specific field.


Thermostat Housing, Water Pipe, Radiaor Fan, Water Outlet, Hosing, A/C Fan Assy, Water inlet, Blower Fan, A/C Fan, Bolwer, Water Pump, Fuel Pump, Radiator Fan, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Brake Pad, Brake Shoes, Clutch Facing, Chassis Parts, Control Arms, Suspension Arms, Body Parts, Hood, Doors, Fenders, Bumpers, Grilles, Car Mirrors, Auto Lamps, Engine Parts, Rubber Parts, Fuel Tanks, Gasket, Transmission Jacks, Hydraulic Floor Jacks, Wiper


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