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Phyllis co., ltd has been established since 1972 devoted to the development of whole plant equipment for producing PP/HDPE woven sack, Paper cement sack, FIBC (Big Bag), PE Tarpaulin, Leno sack, and Non woven application using needle punching machines.

We've won firm recognition from our valuable customers across the globe. We continue to upgrade our machinery technology by improving production speed, machine quality, and explore new applications. In order to keep abreast with the market demand we are doubling our effort in further automating and rationalizing our production equipment. Therefore we had set up a company, DONG SHIUAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. in 1974 and made investment WITH SUN LONG MACHINE FACTORY in 1975.

We are integrating our R&D effort in Extrusion Tape Lines, Circular Looms, Lamination machine, Automatic Woven Bag Conversion Line, Flexographic Printing machines, Packaging machines, Tarpaulin making line, Carding Machine and High Speed Needle Punching machines to ensure that all our machines facilitate streamlined production with top efficiency, and performance, for greatest labor saving.

Our customers are located in 70 different countries, covering the U.S., European continent, Turkey, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and etc. We provide no-fault whole plant installation, test-run, know-how transfer, and perfect after-sales service, and we are proud to say : “Phyllis always concerns and puts our customers at first place”. Buying Phyllis whole plant equipment is your wise choice and best way to protect your investment.


PP, HIPS, PET, TPU Sheet Extruders, Vacuum Forming Two Layers Sheet Extruder, PP/PE Flat Yarn Making Machines, Circular Weaving Machines, Lamination Machines, Automatic Bags Making Machines, Printing Machines, Baling Press Machines, Auto. Tubing & Printing Machines, Auto. Valve Forming & Both Ends Sewing Machines, Hot Air Welding Machines for Tarpaulin, Complete Line of Equipment for Making Shopping Bags, Testing of Quality Control Equipment, Extruder for PP/PS/PET/TPU/Acrylic Vacuum Forming Sheet & Emboss Sheet & It's Forming and Cutting Machines, High Speed Raschel Knitting Machines, Machines Data Collection System, Machines Produce Monitoring System, Non-Woven Fabric Plant and High Speed Needle Punching Machine, Auto Tubing & Printing Machines, Auto Valve Forming & Both Ends Sewing Machines, Nonwoven Fabric Plant and High Speed Needle Punching Machine

Company: PHYLLIS CO., LTD.

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