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Who we are -

My-Space Corporation (MSC) is a developer and manufacturer of novelty electronics. Our head office is in Taiwan while the production facilities are located in Taiwan and China. Our goal is to create unique and innovative electronic novelties for customers all around the world.

Why work with us -


For the last decade, we have been releasing the unique novelties first in the market. Working with most talent personnel and customers enables us to keep the path of product development relatively fast and innovative. You can always expect something stylish and unique from us.


Most of our products are based on special customized IC with dedicated software. The capability of consumer IC design in Taiwan is on the top of the world. Based on Taiwan and working closely with most advanced IC design houses, we are always on the first to bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers.


All of our products are made in Taiwan at the first stage to ensure the quality. Any of the quality issue can be settled down quickly as all the necessary technical resources are around. There is no time difference or geographic barrier. For mature items with sensitive cost concerns, we will move to the production facility in China for cost saving, but the quality standard remains.


Tablet PC, MP3, Car Video Recorder


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