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WYECO AUTO VALVES CO., LTD established in 1975 by Chio Hsuen Hsing and his wife. After making efforts for more than a decade, they successfully developed automatic control valves by themselves; also, first generation Y-type Cylinder Actuated Valve was manufactured consummately, and was patented by many nations. At that time, WYECO with the rapid grow of Taiwanese economy played a decisive role in Taiwanese valve industry.
In the same year, WYECO obtained the certificate of ISO 9002 successfully. Also, we developed icon CV value related testing equipment completely. After operating arduously for more than 30 years, WYECO established the head office in Taipei, and set up factories in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung. Taoyuan factory is mainly responsible for manufacturing; Kaohsiung is responsible for maintaining service.
WYECO’s new organizational structure has operated officially in Oct. 2006. The main affairs have been divided into four sections: the first section accounts for domestic market; the second section accounts for Mainland China; the third department section for overseas market; and the fourth department section for domestic maintaining market. This organizational structure integrates into the market framework horizontally and vertically, so that WYECO can serve our numerous clients more immediately and comprehensively.
Furthermore, the establishment of Research and Development Center is an extremely crucial element in this new organizational structure. 6% of our staffs are professionals with master or doctor degrees. This strengthens the foundation of WYECO, and enhances our market competitiveness.
To look into the future, WYECO is now approaching to Asia Pacific market. In 2006, we opened new branch in Shanghai. In 2008, we have planned to expand the market more widely, such as exploring middle Asia market. WYECO also transferred partial manufacturing function to Mainland China in order to satisfy massive orders. On the other hand, we seek and explore OEM and ODM clients actively. For facing the unpredictable market environment, WYECO attempts to spread out its own brand. Also we work hard to satisfy various industries’ requirements toward different valves, so that long-term cooperative relationship with high quality can be established.
All staffs of WYECO are enthusiastic about the continuous growing economy in Asia Pacific. We expect that WYECO can be the No. 1 choice of valves for domestic and overseas customers; and contribute our efforts to make Taiwanese economy grow again.


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