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Atics Industrial Corporation has been manufacturing zippers and related products since 1970. With over 30 years of experience, Atics has received numerous recognitions for its products' quality.
The company aims to reach quality perfection with its products. It also realizes the importance of customer satisfaction in the field of quality, service and price. This is the reason why Atics treats its clients as a business partner, constantly exchanging ideas and views, thus learning from each others experiences.
Atics practices modern management philosophy to assure the most efficient and flexible production schedule. The company continues to excel over their peers by accommodating the most demanding request in terms of quantity and delivery time.

Product Range
* Polyester zippers
* Plastic molded zippers
* Invisible zippers
* Metal zippers
* Sliders and zipper components
* Raw materials for making zippers
* Zipper machines and parts

OEM: We have 30 years OEM production experience. We offer design and manufacture services of new models or products. We are capable of providing buyers' label services to all our customers. We also produce 10 million feet of long chain zippers per month.
We frequently provide suggestions on product specifications in order to achieve more durable and cost efficient output.

Years of OEM Experience: 30

Monthly Capacity: 6,000,000 to 6,999,999 Pieces

Major Markets Served:
* Canada
* Japan
* Western Europe

Quality Control
* QC/Technical Support:
Our in-house QC department is composed of proficient and responsible technicians. All our QC specialists have undergone rigid trainings conducted in-house.
* Procedures/testing Details:
All materials and components undergo strict and meticulous inspection. Each stage of production is closely monitored and guarded to ensure product quality. Computer monitors are used to alert production team of any defect.
Products are checked at all levels of production. Finished products are checked individually to ensure smoothness and quality.


Zippers Machine & Spare Parts, Plastic Molded Zippers, Invisible Concealed Zippers, Metal Zippers, Sliders & Zipper Components, Raw Materials for Making Zippers, Zipper Machines & Parts, Coil Forming Machine, Chain Stitching Machine, Needle Loom, Dyeing Machine, Ironing & Slitting Machine, Auto. Gapping & Bottom Stop Machine, Auto. Slider Mounting Machine, Auto. Double Top-Stop Machine, Auto. Pinker Machine, Auto. Gapping Cleaning Machine, Auto. Tape Sealing Machine, Die-Casting Machine, Slider Spray Painting Machine, Strip Cutters


Number of Total Employees: 150 to 199
Year Established: 1978
Production Mode: OEM
Total Annual Sales (USD): 10,000,000 to 14,999,9
Export Market: The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Capital (USD): 900,000 to 999,999
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: * Experienced R&D Department
* OEM Capability
* Production Capacity
* Large Product Line
* Reliability
* Reputation
• Buyer's Specifications Accepted
Approvals / Certifications: * Certificate Standard: ISO 9001:2000
* Number: 1649
* Issue Date: 01-Nov-2001
* Expiry Date: 31-Oct-2004
* Issued By: UKAS
* Scope/Range: For manufacture, dyeing and setting of zipper products
Contact Person: MS. Susan Liu (President)

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