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JOTY was established in 1998 and is a specialist manufacturer for horizontal type packing machines in Taiwan. With the long and rich experiences in packing field JOTY provides customers all over the world the real packaging solution and the thorough sales service. The outstanding R&D personnel enables JOTY to supply a wide range of packing equipments in good quality to meet different customers' requests. Nowadays, JOTY packing machines have been launched into the market of Japan, America and Europe successfully with a good reputation and compliments.

JOTY offers a wide range of models in order to meet comprehensive requirements coming from different fields and industries. Besides, helping customers to create the top packaging quality at the lowest cost is always the aim that JOTY packing machines like to achieve. The computerized operation display and advanced feeding system of JOTY machines make the production process more reliable and efficient. And the technology from the partners in Japan and Europe enhances the features of JOTY packing machines and make JOTY can strongly compete with several global well-known brands, such as FUJI and OMORI of Japan, SIG and ILAPAK of Europe, etc.

Every series of JOTY packing machine can be operated easily but can reach a high production capacity, and only few maintenance cost is required. Currently 60% of JOTY packing machines are exported to overseas including Japan, America and the Middle East, etc. For the domestic market, JOTY packing machines also has a very high market share. Although there are more than 30 designs have been patented in various countries, JOTY still keeps moving forward to make progress in order to make JOTY machines more competitive and superior to other brands.


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