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Chiaosen has full confidence in its OEM products, which it believes may certainly create a win-win-win situation:
1.To the top end clients: powder coating products feature in scratch, abrasion, moisture resistant, and excellent texture and quality. Truly put into practice the enterprise mission of low energy consumption, no pollution and ecological protection.
2.To the manufacturing side of us: the powder coating process needs no polishing and quiescence, and the overspray can be recycled. Spray-coating products are completed at a time and given consideration to strict constraints for cost reduction and quality enhancement.
3.To the low end consumers: applying nontoxic and odorless solvents, the product has no pungent smell. And its colorful, durable and washable traits are consistent with the coupled expectations of health and taste for modern people.
MDF subjected to a newer technology of powder coating is applicable to:
1.Waterproof sanitary cupboards
2.Desktops and laminates of display shelf requiring serviceability and scratch resistance
3.House wares directly contacting with the human body
4.Colorful and variable children's furniture conforming to absolutely notoxic requirement
5.Modern bentwood desks and chairs whose coating and sanding require much time and work
6.Clients who need further information about MDF powder coating
In addition to having self-confidence in quality, Chiaosen has also passed SGS international authentication. Welcome to call us for OEM / ODM inquiry.


Storage Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Lamp Trays, Lamp Holders, Photo and Picture Frames, Digital Photo Frames, Wooden/Bamboo and Rattan Parts and Fittings, Wood/Wooden Materials / Lumber, stands, rocks, stand, rock, Lumber


Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer, Design and Research Services
Contact Person: JOY TASI

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