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Specializing in automotive combination switches and fuel tank float gauges, we are an integrated supplier handling paint analysis to mold development and manufacture. Backed by 30-plus years of R&D, design and marketing experience, we have the technical know-how to fill orders for American, European, and Japanese makes. Our motto revolves around "continuous R&D, competitive prices, prioritizing quality and customers."

Totally Switched On to the Auto Parts Market
Specializing in combination switches and fuel gauges
Talk to us about new-product development with your samples
Auto Parts, Push & Control Switch, Bus Door Air, Thermo Switch, Back Lamp Switch, Ignition Cable Switch, Fuel Gauge, Switch, Clip, Realy, Renault, Mirrors Switch, Window Switch, Resistances, Combination Switches, Fuel Gauge, Models Available, Headlamp Reflector, Clips, Lamp Switch, 500 Models Available



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