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Quality, Service and innovation are goals and self-demand of kwt KAO CHI INDU STRIAL CO.,LTD for the past 20 years. We pride ourselves in bringing the best products to our customers that we set strict rules in quality control and services. We have also invested a lot of money into product improvements to develop the best and user-friendly products for our customers. Also it is the reason that our company has grown steadily under the challenge of all the competition.

We have wide selections, of products in Refrigeration, Automotive and hand tools and many more; all these products are the results of hard work of the past 20 years. We have customers all over the world that support our grownth. The supports and fatth of our customers are the reasons we keep pushing ourselves to be our best.


Oil Separators, Receivers, Accumulators & Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Discharge Mufflers, Replaceable Filter-Driers, Filter Driers, Moisture Indicators, Shut Off Valves, Refrigerant Gauges, Relays, Latches, Hinges, Refrigerant Tube Fittings, R134a Manifold, Dual R12, R410A Manifold, R404A, R407C, R507A, R12, R22 Manifold, Metric R134a Japanese Standard Manifold, Single Gauge Valves, Charging Hoses, Service Couplers, Can Tap Valves & Adapters, Vacuum Pumps, Tube Cutters, Flaring Tools, Tube Benders, Swaging Tools, Service Tools, Gear Pullers, Bearing Pullers, Ball Joint Separators, Valve Llifters, Chain, Strap & Oil Filter Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches, Snap Ring Pliers, Wrenches & Spanners, Fuel Injection Test Kits, Compression Tester Kits, Fuel Injection Cleaner, Disconnect Set


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