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Yen Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ever since its establishment in 1969, Yen Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has specialized in developing and manufacturing extrusion coating and lamination machines while accumulating the time-tested know-how and decades of experiences that enable it to stand out in its field.
The company’s product portfolio covers single side, tandem type, sandwich type and multi-layers co-extrusion type coating and lamination machines, PP/PE air bubble film making machines, PP air bubble hollow profile extrusion machines, and related auxiliary equipment such as bubble envelope making machine, cutting and sealing machines, bag making machine, vertical cutting machines, perforation machine, heat lamination machine, cutting piece machines and rewinders, all of which bear the CE Mark.
Of all the company's machine models, the YSJ series extrusion coating lamination machine takes pride of place. When in full swing, this fully automated, reasonably priced machine can produce 200 meters of coated film per minute, a productivity that makes it much sought-after by downstream packagers worldwide.
YSW-FS series can produce high impact board and stronger than traditional hollow profile sheet.
YSL series specialized at industrial purpose products; we use non-adjustment lip T-die let operator can easy to operation when products need different coating thickness, just control from line speed. In paper coating application, 10 micron work was satisfied for all users.
In addition to seasoned know-how regarding machine development and production, Yen Sheng also boasts excellent customer services and marketing practices along with the ability to help customers with trouble-shooting and doing business in uncharted markets.


PP/PE High Speed Inflation Machine, Rotating Dies, 3 Layer Bag Blowing Machine, Extruder, Co-Extrusion Coating Machine, All Kinds of Molds, Air-Bubble Making Machine, Magic-Seal Bag Making Machine Plant, Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine, Dotting Cut Automatic Winding Machine, Dotting Cut Automa


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