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LOSTFOAM CASTING! MANA MANA has sole technologyof vacuum lose foam in Taiwan, which is our speciality as well as the forerunner of the foundrying vacuum lose foam in Taiwan. Since 1998 we made t he research into this technology till now, we have lots of technologic resources and experience. Vaccum lose foam is
considered the green revolution of foundry industry by many
advanced occident countries for five reasons a as follows:

1. the most environment-protected foundry
2. the lowest consuming energy foundry
3. the lowest capital foundry
4. the most advanced foundry
5. nice working environment


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Competitive Advantages: Reduce mold cost, lower than permanent mold casting and diecasting.
The cost for developing the mould is 40-70% of that for permanent mold casting.
Reduce process cost. Net-shaped process with high pricision of dimension, no rough process needed.
No air hole and sand hole. Use vacuum technology with high-technology coating, no air hole and sand hole.
Reduce the overall cost. Reduce the cost of assembly and welding so that the whole process cost can be decreased.
Long life of the mold. The mould life is about 3-4 times higher than that of permanent mold casting.
Capable of manufacturing the complicated product that permanent mold casting and die casting can't reach. Manufacture the complicated 3D casting product, and No restriction of separated face.
Stable quality with heat treatment and high strenth. No immediate cooling, equal texture and hardness, capable of T6 treatment.
Smooth surface. Smooth casting surface, exceeding the traditional casting method.
Provide the production mode with low quantity and many kinds. As the mould development is cheaper than other casting methods, and more flexible, it's acceptable that produce the goods with low quantity and many kinds.
Company: LIVE JOEY CO., LTD.

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