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YU SHENG PRECISJON MACHIMERY was foundod in september 1988.
We are specialized in making vertical/horizontal and fully/semi auto honine. We have the repulation for quality and service, maclunes are marketed for localmarket, alsoovcrseas market in singapore, Maiaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.
The machine with high precision and cfficiency processing, suitable for inner honing for the couplings of mobile/motor cycie, gcars, cylinder, freeze pipe,hybraulic magnetic valve, parts of sewing machine, molding, rubber feeding pipe, rubber attoy feeding pipe, tungsten steel inner bore, etc.
The innerbore diametet can be from ∮6mm to ∮300mmand length from ∮10mm to ∮ 2000mm
Machine is capable to do various hole profiles, suchas open end hoie, blind inter mittenthole, gaphole, keyway hole, ported & slotted hole, hoapcd hole, spline hole
Also machine have the rapid inner adjustment for oval, conical, horit un-rcgular shape of workpiece, to Achicve the true roundness & straightness, the better surfacc as mirror finishing.
Our Nc honing machinc oquipped wilh hybraulie servo valve and servo motor fceding, The feed rate can be opcrated & adjustcd by interface control panel.
Our honing machine the superior than grinding machine at many respects, cfficiency & prccision processing competive price, low cost of honing stone, also time saving and easicr operation.
There are honing tools, diamond CBN honing stone and sanding kits nvailable on your request.


Automatic Single-Spindle Vertical Honing Machine, Automatic Double-Spindle Vertical Honing Machine, Vertical Horizontal Automatic Honing Machine, Vertical Automatic-Sizing Honing Machine


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