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Cheng Juan Technology Co., Ltd., having established its market worldwide has built its success on quality and commitment to the Public addressing needs. CJ Tech's most successful product line is its high performance Public Address Systems like Horn Speakers and Driver Units is now expanding its product range to provide state of the art commercial audio solutions which includes amplifiers, ceiling speakers, and a full range of loudspeakers. These products are ideal for permanent installations in a wide range of venues requiring better sound, higher flexibility and greater overall integration. Thanks to our Customers, CJ Tech now proudly expands its ever growing global market presence to the United States adding to the list of other countries. Cheng Juan Technology Co., Ltd. draws upon the world-class engineering and manufacturing resources of Heansch and Sonnenburg Engineering, our products are conceived and crystallized by incorporating the cutting-edge of audio technology. Thanks to these resources, these products give our customers a significant step-up in quality, without a step-up in price.


High-Power Aluminum Loudspeakers, Siren Horn Speakers, Speakers With Driver Protection Systems, Plastic Outdoor Loudspeakers, High-Power Driver Units, Driver Units With Transformer, Reflex Horn Speakers, Aluminum Trumpet Horns


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