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Ken Gi Industrial Co., Ltd was founded more than 35 years ago by Mr. Chung-Chien “Machine” Ho, a top-notch mechanical engineer, and noted authority on mould & machines. The company was the first in Taiwan to manufacture expanded metal, primarily for HEPA and construction industries. They outgrew the old facility through innovation and quality, so in 1982, the president, Mr. Ho, purchased the property in Taoyuan City, where its main office and factory are located today.

By 1980, the old machines could not keep up with the need of foreign and domestic markets. Ken Gi began to make their new expanded metal machines with new mechanism and technology. Ken Gi quickly became the leading manufacturer in expanded metal, using their experiences and background in machinery to introduce many cost saving innovations into the industry. Ken Gi has made several technological advancements to the production of expanded metal, and has introduced new products to the industry. Items previously manufactured out of perforated metal, welded wire and wire meshes were replaced by new expanded metals.

In 1985, Ken Gi expanded its focus from products to start undertaking turnkey for setting up manufacturing of expanded metal in many countries such as United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. We preserve at engineering new machinery and our commitment to state of the art technology, which keeps Ken Gi at the forefront of machinery manufacturing. Machinery sales and expanded metal sales continue to complement one another, as Ken Gi keeps focus on providing full line of technical support to its customers.

Ken Gi again used their expertise in engineering new machinery and in 2001 the world’s first checkered plate machine was built to meet the increasing demand for checkered plates. Since then a variety of new patterns for numerous applications have been designed and introduced by Ken Gi. Our success is due to continued research and development, and commitment to quality. We will continuously maintain our dedication to innovation and technology to the industry, with a focus on quality and continuous improvement.

Ken Gi is leading manufacturer of expanded metal, checkered plate and machinery serving a wide range of building product needs.

Our mission is to become the recognized leader, world wide for expanded metal, checkered plate and machinery while developing innovative products & new machines serving a broadened customer base.

Our products & machines will demonstrate our commitment to high quality & performance and cost effectiveness.


Expanded Metal Mesh Machine, Hy-Rib Metal Mesh Machine, Rib-Lath Metal Mesh Machine, Checkered Plate Production Line, High Speed / Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Machines, Auxiliary Equipment for Expanded Matel Production Line, Flattening Machine, Leveling Machine, Decoller, Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh Mashine, Plastering Beads Production Line (with New Cassette System)


Address: 216 Kuochi Rd., Sec. 1, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-3-361-0871/2, 361-2722/3
Fax: 886-3-362-4515
URL: www.kengi.com.tw

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