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Micia Crafts is the Taiwan's unique art stamp brand, micia sells many kind of handcrafts, artistic stamps and related tools and materials. DIY handcrafted finishes are filled with warm pashions of the creator, even if it's just a card it can be filled with unique with love and effort; We hope in using your hands to create we can let the feeling of happiness to be spread, Missy has a lot of different varieties of interesting and cute

Stamp collections:

Which are created specifically for your daily memo. you can use it in daily life with journals, account books, memos, scribbles, and even artistic cards.
You just can't miss the delicate patterns and attractive designs with Taiwan quality made safe product of daily life objects. So let micia's mini stamps light up all of your notepads and become your life's enjoyment and future's memories.


Rubber Stamp, Clear Stamp, Scrapbooking, Scrapbook, Stamp Pad, Toy Stamp, Cardstock, Die Cutting, Hero Arts, Card Making, Embossing, Sticker, Stencils, Templates, Wooden Rubber Stamp


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