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ELI Co.,Ltd is sincerely concerned about both Taiwan’s future and people’s health ,
therefore it has become the Taiwanese distributor of an air catalysts form Japan.
ELI Air Catalyst is to match everyone’s expectations by eliminating dangerous
symptoms from your home.
ELI is focusing all of its efforts on the problems with Taiwan’s water supply, therefore
it is the Taiwanese representative of He Wei Technology ,providing water filtration equipment and water purification systems for the entire house.
ELI’s business concept is to create new idea and skills ,so it has cooperated with the MINOSHOJICO.,LTD. Commercial Society , which is famous in Japan’s printing world, to enter the currently unmapped 3D market and introduce 3D structural panels
,so that in the future panel displays designed by Taiwan will stun everyone who sees them.


Photo and Picture Frames, Acrylic Products, Filtration Systems & Parts, Paint & Coating

Company: ELI. CO., LTD.

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