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1、Regard the azure stone bead craft as principle in conducting core, and through aborigine of choreographic, connect dance of the spirit change into the Wen Shi of the azure stone bead.Develop a beginning in the realm of the traditional handicrafts, ancestry of the azure stone plus the story, totem of Paiwan, combining dance, weave, sew, the dining specialty, established the work shop of this hidden but beautiful spot.
2、In order to beg the expansion craft product and aborigine's culture, the mounting VUVU website, recommend aborigine's culture to everyone in the most reasonable and easy to get along with way, the construction concept of this website is in fact very different, in order to be been a point of departure by the aborigine's totem, the main concept introduce the meaning and related story of each totem to everyone, will introduce in the meantime by totem conceive outline of handicraft article, be everyone see an aborigine of the handicraft article can know reason, in addition at the totem and the handicraft decoration month in generally living consuetudinary of the meaning introduce to everyone.


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