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Being subject for the prosperity in both the electricity & semiconductor fields and the coming of knowledge century, Jerry Yang, the CEO of Extensive Technology Co., Ltd., began to have the plan and action to group up the experts in these fields in 1998. Together with plentiful experience for decades in selling raw materials to the electricity and semiconductor fields, Mr. Yang finally made up his mind to build up Extensive Technology Co., Ltd. In 2001. The major product in the beginning is epoxy molding compound which is applied widely in the electrical component & semiconductors all over the world.

• 1998 July Began to group up the experts both in the electricity and semiconductor fields.
• 2001 Feb Built up Extensive Technology Co., Ltd.
• 2001 Apr Cooperate with ACR, began to have the business selling Epoxy Molding Compound.
• 2002 Jan Join ventures in the association factories in China manufacturing diodes & rectifiers, began to have two way business with the association factories and have our OEM product in the markets. We set up our branch offices in Dong Guang, Guang Dong and Shanghai.
• 2003 Jan To be one of the agents of Sumitomo, the leader of Epoxy Molding Compound, selling series of Epoxy Molding Compound
• 2004 Apr Getting the certification of ISO9001, version Y2000
• 2005 Sep Extensive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded with 100% investment.
• 2006 Initial research and planning begun for the lighting division.
• 2007 Lighting Division Established.

Management Concept
Honest Principal : " Honesty and Credit" as the principal, Extensive Tech. hopes to survive forever and cooperate with the company of the same concept
Foremost Quality : The best management and continued improvement, build up the best quaility products
Supreme Customer : Maintian customer's rights, create win-win situation. Combine both production & consumption, create profit each other.
Satisfied Service : Specialist customer-oriented service, satisfy customer's requirement, develop business opportunity

Entertaiment Culture
5S is the basement of JIT (Just In Time)
Currently, under the situation of low profit, specialist customer-oriented service has become a tendency to survive in this competitive age. To serve the customer closely, the production style of JIT is what we need to reinforce.
Environmental Protection --- Green Partner
Environmental Protection is "do it by yourself"
In the meantime of the human bringing the magic of the electrical technology, it comes with minus affection, especially severe in the environmental pollution. How to have the people a clean space without pollution becomes our obligation and duty. Extensive welcome you join the Green Partner group with us.


Diode & Rectifiers, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Solder & Accessory, Ceiling Mount Fluorescent Light Fixtures, LEDs, LED Lamps, Energy Saving Lamp, Fluorescent


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