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We are an professional manufacturer of Water coolers, Dispensers, instant Waterheater, Instant Water Boiler,Reverse Osmosis,Water Treatment, Water Purified Filter,for over 35 years, We currently export our products to numerous countries all over theword includeing the USA,Canada, Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines, England, MainlandChina etc…In order to ensure our high standard of quality in our products,we are a certified ISO-9001company.All components used by our company must meet the highest standard.To see is to Belive,we have many successful customers will trial order from us at beginning, and owing our stable quality of products,till now, they still maintain many orders from us.We carry a wide variety of ready to sell products and we also welcome OEM productsto meet your needs. First of all, please feel free to visit our web-site at //www.great-idea.com.tw, then contact us for further informations of what kinds models you preferring ! We look forwardd to hear from you and please do not hesitate to contactus. We will be very happy to answer your questions.


Water Dispenser, Instant Water Boiler, UV, Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Chiller, Cold & Hot Water, Resin Filter, R.O., Reverse Osmosis, RO Membrane, Sediment Filter Cartridge, Water Softener, Ice Water, Water Heater, Safe Water, Pure Water, Miner Water, Distilled Water, Under Sink, Water Faucet, Treatment, Ceramic Filter, Drink Water, Purified Water, Mounted Type, Flooring Type


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