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1991 Company EstablishedFounded as Cheng Yu Co., Ltd. in Southern Taiwan, near Tainan.1996 OE Products for AutomobilesBegan producing O.E. water/oil pump, absorber and steering system parts for automobiles.1997 New Casting FactoryEstablished our own casting factory for high pressure die casting.1998 More OE Products for ATVSupply steering system,absorber and engine cover parts for Polaris Co.,Ltd, USA and Bombardier Co., Ltd, Canada.1999 OE Products for BikesBegan producing O.E. Gearbox parts for Sturmey Archer Co.Ltd, UK.

Date Established: July, 1991
Capital: US$ 1.09 Million as of 2007
Total Asset: US$ 12.7 Million as of 2007
Turnover: US$ 11.2 Million as of 2006

Taiwan Factory:
LandOccupied : 6,422 m²
Plant Occupied : 2,447 m²
Employees: 70

Management Philosophy:
Innovation ---- Innovate Our Products
Contribution ---- Do Our Best
Share ----Share Our Accomplishment

Product Lines:
(1) Cam Mounting Brackets & Clutch Master Assemblies (Motorcycles)
(2) Bearing Seat Housings (Automobiles)
(3) Brake System Housings (Bikes & ATV)
(4) Gear Case Housings & Injecting Head Housings (Motorcycles)
(5) Oil Pump Cooler Housings (Automobiles & Motorcycles)
(6) Oil Pump Housings & Sensor Housings (Automobiles)
(7) Engine Cam Covers (Motorcycles)
(8) Engine Support Brackets & Thermostat (Automobiles)
(9) Steering Knuckles of Front Wheel & Steering Pull-Rods & Lever (ATV)
(10)Communication parts
(11)Mission Case system


Cam Mounting Brackets & Clutch Master Assemblies, Bearing Seat Housings, Brake System Housings, Gear Case Housings & Injecting Head Housings, Oil Pump Cooler Housings, Oil Pump Housings & Sensor Housings, Engine Cam Covers, Engine Support Brackets & Thermostat, Steering Knuckles of Front Wheel & Steering Pull-Rods & Lever, Communication Parts, Mission Case System


Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company: CHENG-YU CO., LTD.

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